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Episode 74 - Fertility as a creative process

Françoise Molenaar

Jan 31, 2024

In this episode of That Fertile Feeling, host Françoise Molenaar explores the connection between fertility and creativity. Drawing from personal experiences and conversations with experts, Françoise discusses how the creative process and fertility are intertwined. She emphasises the importance of surrendering and allowing life to flow, rather than forcing outcomes. Francois shares practical tips and tools for embracing creativity and enhancing fertility. Whether you're struggling with conception or seeking a more effortless approach to life, this episode offers insights and inspiration for nurturing your creative energy.

Do you know that your fertility journey and your creative process are tightly entwined? If you're blocked in your fertility, chances are, you're likely also blocked in other creative areas of your life, and vice versa.

What blocks your flow in both of these domains is the energy of forcing, of trying really hard to produce results. And this begins a cycle of stress that can inhibit both conception and creative output. To overcome this, we need to shift our mindset from control to surrender, from effortful to effortless, and from force to flow.

Consider writer's block, an affliction where an author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown. It's often the result of trying too hard to make something happen rather than allowing it to happen naturally. The same principle applies to attempts at conception. The result-oriented approach generates a barrier. The solution is to foster a state of 'allowing', creating an atmosphere of patience, trust, and surrender.

Many women struggling with infertility are often perfectionists at heart, illuminating the misconception that rigorous efforts and stringent control over the process would lead to the desired outcome. However, this approach is driven by the mind, not the body's needs. The shift towards a gentler approach where we listen to our bodies and respond to its needs can unlock our creative potential and improve fertility health.

Here are some practical tools to trigger creativity and in turn, increase fertility:

Reconnection Exercise: Take a quiet moment to reconnect with a time when you felt effortlessly creative. Dive deep into your childhood days and remember what activities exhilarated you the most. Did you love to paint, write stories, or simply engage in imaginative play? Once you have pinpointed those activities, integrate them into your weekly routine. This practice of fostering effortless creativity can stimulate your fertile imagination.

Embrace Solo Inspiration Dates: Indulge in artist dates; solo activities that inspire and nourish your creativity. Whether it’s visiting a museum display that pulls you in or losing yourself in the majesty of nature, finding inspiration in the world around you can rekindle your creative spark.

Create for the Sake of Creating: Let go of specific outcomes. Dive into the world of creation just for the joy it brings. This practice taps into your inherent creative energy, promotes a more relaxed and receptive state, and may be beneficial for both your creative life and your fertility health.

Remember, the journey to fertility is a process, just as the journey to a successful creative project is a process. Keeping the mind open, the body relaxed, and the spirit receptive, you'll find that both your creative and fertility paths can spring forth in ways you wouldn't have envisioned. Embrace the process, let life naturally flow through you, and let the transformative power of creativity improve your fertility.

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