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Episode 79 - Improving your fertility and your health with abdominal therapy

Françoise Molenaar

Mar 6, 2024

I just got back from Ireland, where I trained to become an Abdominal Therapist. This work is so important, not only for fertility but for everyone who would like to improve their (female) health. On this episode of the podcast, I tell you a bit more about how abdominal therapy works and why it is especially beneficial for anyone who’s trying to conceive. This is a basic self-care tool that has been used by women around the globe to nurture their female health and I am so happy that more and more of us are starting to remember what we can do to optimize our fertility and our health more generally.

In the journey of fertility and overall well-being, exploring holistic approaches can offer profound insights and results. One such approach that has been gaining attention is abdominal therapy. In this blog post, we will delve into what normal female health looks like and discuss how abdominal therapy can support overall health and fertility.

What the ‘real normal’ looks like 

The concept of the 'real normal' challenges common perceptions of discomfort during menstruation and digestive issues. Symptoms like headaches, water retention, and bloating are not normal but rather common occurrences that signal underlying imbalances. By redefining what is considered normal, individuals can better understand their bodies' cues and take proactive steps towards optimal health.

How Abdominal Therapy supports overall health

Abdominal therapy involves a deep massage of the belly aimed at increasing blood flow and supporting hormonal balance. By focusing on the diaphragm, uterus, and intestines, this therapy works to optimize the body's functions and create a harmonious environment for overall health. It aims to release stored emotions, improve organ alignment, and alleviate common issues like bloating and cramping.


How Abdominal Therapy can support your fertility

Abdominal therapy plays a crucial role in supporting fertility by addressing key areas such as blood flow, organ alignment, and emotional release. By working on the diaphragm and uterus, the therapy helps create an optimal environment for conception. It also focuses on the intestines to regulate hormone levels and improve overall reproductive health. Through regular sessions of abdominal therapy, individuals can enhance their chances of conceiving and nurture their reproductive well-being.

Want to work with me? 

If you are intrigued by the benefits of abdominal therapy and wish to explore this holistic approach further, you can connect with Francoise Molenaar. She offers personalized sessions either in person or online, guiding individuals through the self-care massage and other supportive practices. By booking a session with Francoise, you can embark on a transformative journey towards enhanced fertility and overall well-being.

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