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Fertility winter retreat

A week of free virtual practices 
to help you conceive from a place of
love, trust and surrender

This transformational event is free to all registered attendees (replays available for 48 hrs)
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This is for you if: 

  • You'd like to get pregnant

  • You want to conceive from a place of love, trust, and surrender

  • You're ready to let go of any mental or emotional blockages 

  • You feel a desire to connect to a bit of magic and intuition

  • You want to work with your body in a way that feels healing,  nourishing, and sensual

Your facilitators

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Rachel Cook 

Fertility Hypnosis

SHAREtheSOUL-3789 (1)_edited.jpg

Emily Wilson 

Pelvic Wisdom

1665750197020 (1)_edited.png

Nikola Hájková

Fertility Yoga

Carroll-Web-1814 (1).jpg

Caroline Ashurst

Fertility Rituals

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-01 at 20.50_edite

Juan Belmar

Fertility Astrology

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Image (1).jpg

Shereen Oberg

Sacred Fertility

Emma Moon

Fertility Medium

Iris Josephina

Fertility Hormones

Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 21.05.25.png

Leoni van de Water

Sensual Fertility

Susana Puelles

Fertility Acupressure

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The schedule

Monday Jan 1 – Setting fertility intentions for 2024

We create our experience by being really mindful and intentional about

the things that we do. So ask yourself this: 'How do I want to feel while I'm trying to get pregnant?  What would my most nourishing fertility journey look like? Where can I introduce a bit of fun and playfulness and let go a bit of trying really hard?

During the opening ceremony, Françoise Molenaar will guide you 

through a visualisation exercise to help you set your fertility 

intentions for 2024 - to make this the best year yet to come. 

Tuesday Jan 2 – A healthy womb

Many women only start connecting with their wombs once they are pregnant. But it is so important to already start developing your relationship with your womb when you're trying to conceive. This will help you better understand what your body needs and will help create a hospitable environment for your baby.

Today's practices: 

Establishing a healthy womb connection – a guided meditation

Françoise Molenaar


(Re)balancing your womb space – a guided visualisation

Emily Wilson

Nourishing your womb with movement – a yoga practice

Nikola Hájková

Wednesday Jan 3 – Balancing your hormones

By working with your hormones you can optimise your health, increase the quality of your eggs (and your partner's sperm - if that applies to your situation) and prepare the womb for conception. The good news is that this doesn't necessarily require taking fertility drugs - there is so much that you can do yourself to improve your hormonal health and prepare your body for conception. 

Today's practices: 

Listening to your body’s voice – an embodiment practice

Françoise Molenaar


Eating for fertility – key principles defined

Iris Josephina

Balancing your hormones – an acupressure practice

Susana Puelles

Thursday Jan 4 – Creating a fertile mindset

Ultimately, we cannot control whether we get pregnant or not - and that can seriously mess with your mind. There may be fear that this might never happen for you, or grief when your period comes or when you lose a baby. That's why it's so important to invest in practices that help you process difficult emotions and help you tune in to your intuition

Today's practices: 

Letting go of grief and fear through intuitive dance

Françoise Molenaar 


Reactive your inner GPS with fertility hypnosis

Rachel Cook


Using rituals for fertility – a self-care practice

Caroline Ashurst

Friday Jan 5 – Spiritual alignment

Conception is a profoundly spiritual process as you're bringing new life into this world. You can enrich your experience by tuning in to a more energetic layer of souls that are looking to come earth-side, divine forces that are looking to support you on this journey and even the entire cosmos and its plan for you. 

Today's practices: 

Connecting to your spirit baby

Emma Moon

Finding divine guidance – a guided ritual

Shereen Öberg


Fertility Astrology for 2024

Juan Belmar

Saturday Jan 6 – A return to pleasure and to self

Ultimately, the journey of conception is one of self-care. It's about really listening to your body and feeling what it is that you need to become your most nourished self: the version of you that is open and receptive to whatever comes your way. Rather than losing yourself in goal-orientedness, ticking off the boxes of your fertility checklist, life will start to revolve more and more around what feels good. 

Today's practices: 

Connecting to yourself and your partner with authentic pleasure

Leoni van de Water 


Closing ceremony – Creating a nourishing fertility journey

Françoise Molenaar

This transformational event is free to all registered attendees

Your host

My name is Françoise and I work as a mindful fertility coach. 

My own fertility journey lasted for over a decade, during which time I learned the importance of surrender and trusting life to unfold on its own pace. 

IVF blessed me and my husband with our son Benjamin in 2020 and with our twin babies David and Robin in 2022. 

I continue to work with women who are on a fertility journey, guiding them back to their bodies and showing them how to find a bit of lightness even in the darkest of times. 

I am also the host of 'That Fertile Feeling - The Podcast'.

  • Are the sessions live or pre-recorded?
    The opening ceremony on Monday January 1st and the closing ceremony on Saturday January 6th will be live - with replays available for 48 hrs. The ceremonies will take place at 2 PM EST (11 AM Pacific Time / 8 PM Central European Time). All the pre-recorded content will become available at 3 AM EST (00 AM Pacific Time / 9 AM Central European Time) throughout the retreat. These guided practices and lectures will also remain available for 48 hrs.
  • How much do I have to pay for the Fertility Winter Retreat? And do I have life-time access?
    The Retreat is completely free for all registered attendees. You will have access to all the guided practices for 48 hrs after they've aired. You can also buy life-time access to the whole bundle of practices in advance (39 EUR), throughout the retreat (59 EUR), and after the retreat has ended (79 EUR). You will receive a link in the introduction e-mail that you will receive upon registration.
  • Is this just for me or can my partner also join?
    I would definitely recommend your partner join as well. With the exception of the womb practices on day 2 (which might not apply to any male partners), this could be a really beautiful opportunity to jointly prepare for conception.
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